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Hawaii: “Intentional Disaster"

Created on 29 August, 2023Informatics Digital Article • 227 views • 11 minutes read

An in-depth and documented analysis. A job for real "journalists", without opinions, without invectives, without accusations. That work that by now the vast majority of "journalists" has forgotten how to do it.

August 8, 2023 Several fires erupt on the island of Maui in Hawaii in the span of 24 hours nearly 3000 buildings are destroyed almost all in the capital of the island the city of lahaina of these buildings 80% were residential cases inhabited mainly by local citizens old generations of natives who have never left the island the rest were shops, restaurants, small museums and art galleries, all of this is gone today, the wool has been practically razed to the ground,

 the confirmed dead for now are about 200 but in the final count it will probably exceed a thousand among them there are very many children and elderly people who died in their homes because no one raised the alarm, since the following day they began to circulate in network of suspects who attributed the fires to the use of weapons and directed energy, the so-called di idavellio or Direct Energy Weapons.

These are extremely powerful electromagnetic weapons, which the American government has had for some time and which it has never made a secret of to suggest this hypothesis, there were several details in the completely melted wheel rims of the cars, which indicate a particularly high heat and which closely resemble to the same phenomenon observed five years ago in the Paradise fires in California, another suspicious element are the houses completely destroyed by the fire, while many trees around seem to have survived.

 This is also a phenomenon already observed five years ago in California and then there are the boats that caught fire individually one by one despite being anchored in the water in the port of Maui, this circular fire also affected many because it had little natural , usually the fires advance with a continuous line they don't close like a circle, several videos also run on the net in which we see strange rays coming from the sky and incinerating the houses; obviously we know that videos of this kind can be easily falsified so that despite having excellent reasons to suspect the use of weapons and direct energy with these videos we will never be able to prove anything. Instead, what can be demonstrated using logic and common sense is that the fire and devastation were intentional regardless of the systems used this was a targeted and calculated disaster. In this video we will see all the clues and above all we will see the possible motive.

 So let's start as we should always do from the official version, according to the official version the causes of the fires were a particular condition of drought and the winds created by hurricane Dora which, as you can see, passed just south of Hawaii with these winds of over 100 km/h helped the flames spread faster blue from Wire firewgirls Wild Fire and Mary.

Our Mentana Open of course, parroted the official version the strong winds and drought played a decisive role those of Open They are very good at copying the CNN news.

In the background of this disaster obviously hovers the ghost of climate change which is now responsible for everything that happens in the world, look here the governor of Hawaii Josh Green says it was a very real global warming that created the conditions for the deadly fires, so the majority of people digested without problems.

They said the official version: it's already climate change but look at the disasters it causes, it all comes back to their heads if you tell them like this, those who have looked at the facts more carefully have realized that there are so many things that they come back. "First of all, already several hours before the fires broke out, there were all the elements to launch a red alert, which however was not launched, think already in the morning the wind was so strong that the schools decided to cancel lessons despite this no one raised the alarm, so the children usually stayed at home with their grandparents while people went to work and so many elderly people and children were left defenseless at the mercy of the flames.After which, when the first fires broke out, no one thought to sound the alarm sirens on the isolations activatings now". What was the authorities' explanation for not using sirens? they said they didn't use them because they were afraid that people would think a tsunami and start running towards the mountains i.e. right in the direction from which the fires were coming, which of course is a ridiculous explanation that really infuriated the people of China.

 These say; we're not stupid it's not that we don't know how to distinguish a tsunami from afire, in the meantime you sound the siren and then where I have to run I decide. It's a ridiculous explanation then; but be careful rule to always keep in mind when the authorities give you explanations that don't stand up it means that they have to hide a much bigger lie the more stupid it is, the explanation is there, there is something underneath that they want to cover up. When debunker Attivissimo tells you that the puffs coming out of the twin towers are the windows that explode due to the pressure of the air, he tells you because he has to hide that there were explosives (He refers to the attack on the Twin towers on 11 September 20019 ), otherwise he would never have said such nonsense. Speaking of ridiculous explanations we see the second anomaly of Hawaii despite the strong winds that have been raging on the island for several hours no one has thought of cutting off the power to the high voltage cables. Everyone knows that when there is a tornado, the light poles fall, severing the high voltage cables and when the cables touch the ground they create huge sparks and if the ground is dry, fires start, even the children understand it instead the managers of the electricity company have not thought about it and in fact a class action has already started against them for this very reason, look at this shot from a surveillance camera of a house in the mountains. You can clearly see the sudden blaze behind the wood and then the fire that begins to grow, while in this other video a citizen warns the others that there is an active high voltage line touching the ground, in this case the explanation of the authority: Hold on because this is strong they didn't cut the power because they didn't want the elderly who use support machinery to run out of power.

 So practically to prevent the support machinery from going out for the elderly, they preferred to burn the living in their home. Apart from the fact that normally those who have medical support machinery at home also have a small emergency generator that is needed just when the current goes out to power the machinery. Then again a ridiculous explanation accusatio manifest (Excusatio non petita).

The third anomaly we continue to call them that which occurred during the fires as soon as the firefighters tried to intervene to extinguish the first outbreaks there was no water the hydrants were without water now it is a female firefighter who tells how they had to leave the houses on fire for lack of water even ordinary citizens who tried to extinguish the fires with water pumps had to give up in the end they lost their homes. In this case the official explanation was: that the water which is reserved for the inhabitants of the mountain could not be diverted towards the city if anyone is willing to believe it raise your hand, therefore no alarm sirens despite several hours' notice, nothing disconnection of high voltage despite the tornado that had hit the island, and no water in the hydrants for no apparent reason as Agatha Christie said; a clue is a clue, two clues are a coincidence, but three clues make a proof.

 Someone wanted this devastation, now let's see if there could be a valid reason to unleash such a disaster and there is a valid reason and how, but we have to take a small step back in the history of Hawaii to understand it: the island of Maui (The island of Maui is the second largest in terms of surface area (1883 km). In fact, it is not just one of the many islands of Hawaii, it was the ancient capital in the 19th century, Hawaii was an independent kingdom formed by the descendants of the Navigators who arrived from Polynesia was a peaceful kingdom, they had a queen, they had their habits and their traditions, they traded with everyone and even had a local currency, but an archipelago like the one positioned so centrally in the Pacific could not fail to appeal to the Americans and so it was that in 1893 a group of American colonists staged a coup in Maui, deposed the queen and proclaimed Hawaii an independent Republic.

 After that, those who carried out the coup generously offered their land and the United States. Initially the US said no, we can't take advantage but as the settlers insisted eventually the US accepted the offer, when one asks please it's not like you can say no. And so five years later they officially became American territory with a spontaneous donation of lands by the whites who had taken power then in 59 Hawaii officially became the fiftieth state of the Union. But the local inhabitants especially those of Maui have never swallowed it, American propaganda describes Hawaii as a paradise on earth: Where you go surfing and the beautiful girls who welcome you dancing with crowns of flowers, but in reality the local inhabitants hate the Americans and continue to protest for what was in all respects a legalized theft of their land, think the indigenous people of Maui were so hostile to the American invaders that the Americans had to move the capital in Honolulu because nobody wanted them.

This is where the fact that Maui is not just any island comes from, but it is the very seat of the ancient tradition of the local inhabitants who obviously never willingly sold their lands and their homes to the Americans. That's why Honolulu is a city full of skyscrapers that looks like Miami while Maui was still a beautiful colonial-style town on a human scale. Now can you imagine the large construction investors and large investment funds who are salivating at these lands with immense economic potential and the local inhabitants who stubbornly refuse to sell well, now that there has been this misfortune the locals are already receiving paltry offers to take away their precious land at a penny of its original value and for those few who managed to save the house eviction notices are going out anyway with the excuse that the houses left standing are not safe and you have to throw everything down. Bye bye! This is the document, here it says eviction notice the name of the evicted tenant has 45 days to leave the house and the date August 15th therefore six days after the fires while they were still looking for the dead under the ashes the eviction notices were already ready for those who had saved the house but that's not enough because Maui not only appeals to large investment funds as residential land, Maui has even been designated as one of the experimental cities of the future the so-called "Smart Cities" Smart cities are the famous city from 15 minutes all automated all powered by renewable energy all controlled by the centralized system. Back in 2013, a joint project with the Japanese Hitachi called Jump Start Maui was announced. "This is their promo video" follows, and in 2018 Classic pub's World Economic Forum informed us that Hawaii plans to become the first US state to run entirely on clean energy ever by coincidence series, just two months ago the governor of Hawaii George Green nome omen went to the United Nations to proudly present the new green project they get the jazz United Nations Among other things, the Maui project provides a completely centralized network to serve the fleet made entirely of electric cars and there McKinnis Mark City Solutions is even a company, which has already received the contract to install their centralized geographical monitoring software at 82 crossroads on the island, practically a galactic project that promises a billion-dollar round for those who invest in the name of the Green, but there was a small problem; the stubborn indigenous population of Maui who did not want to know about selling their homes and lands to the vultures of large corporations. And so it was enough to wait for a tropical cyclone to forget to launch the alert, forget to cut off the power to the high voltage cables and make the water hydrants unusable at the right time to solve the problem, within 24 hours that what was once a charming town full of life, culture and tradition has become a free and cleared land on which to rebuild whatever you want to your liking icing on the cake.

 Joe biden's disgustingly false and hypocritical message to the people of Hawaii: this little Family Friends did you notice Joe Biden's deep displeasure when he says that Native Hawaiian history is gone forever it seemed like he was about to cry poor thing! Think of all those who have lost their homes in Maui the federal government has given a paltry check for a one-time $700 That is 640 euros at today's exchange rate meanwhile the Washington Congress has just approved another billion dollars worth of weapons to be sent to Ukraine. Welcome to America my friends.