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Informatics Digital Article

Link in Bio: a Key Tool for your Social Media Success

Created on 21 May, 2024Informatics Digital Article • 3 views

Link in Bio: what it means and how it works

Facebook è diventato un luogo dove gli anziani si riuniscono e postano sciocchezze, fake e le stupidaggini

Created on 24 January, 2024Informatics Digital Article • 380 views

Alla fine dei conti la formazione ha avuto il successo in 20 anni

Hawaii: “Intentional Disaster"

Created on 29 August, 2023Informatics Digital Article • 227 views

An in-depth and documented analysis. A job for real "journalists", without opinions, without invectives, without accusations. That work that by now the vast majority of "journalists" has forgotten how to do it.